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Photos from Onota Township, Michigan

We appreciate your visit to our website. Here you may find public resources such as documents (including minutes, forms, property tax files, the Master Plan, & the Zoning Ordinance).  Information provided covers a range of topics, such as our directory of elected & appointed officials, public notices (see below), recreation, waste disposal, and the Deerton Cemetery. We also have links about the area for our citizens. Please feel free to contact the township if you have questions or suggestions about this site.

Public Notices

Area GIS maps: Geographical Information System (GIS) maps of the area are available online for the public. For access: click the image of the map at this site leave site (under “CUPPAD Fetch GIS Web Map”). For help, see our guide on accessing the GIS maps.

Brownstone/AuTrain boat launch: This site is partially open leave site (under alerts on their page) due to damage from fall 2017 storms and from the high level of Lake Superior. Contact the Forest Service at the Munising district leave site (906-387-2512) if you have any questions.

Planning Commission vacancy: There is one vacant seat on the Planning Commission (info on duties of a member). To apply, please submit a letter of interest to the Onota Township Board, PO Box 100, Deerton, MI 49822.

Zoning Board of Appeals vacancy: There is one vacant seat on the Zoning Board of Appeals (info on duties of a member). To apply, please submit a letter of interest to the Onota Township Board.

Area Information
Onota Township
Laughing Fish Point

Onota Township lies along the southern shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP), with an area of 92 square miles (30% is within the Hiawatha National Forest ). The population (2010 census) was 352, with 43% as year-round residents.

The AuTrain-Onota School in Deerton teaches students pre-K-8. The school is respected in the area. Students from outside the district often enroll. Older students attend Superior Central, Munising, and Marquette schools.

There are five distinct areas within the township from east to west – Rock River, Shelter Bay, Onota, Deerton, and Sand River. A number of small businesses are in the township, mainly recreational and service-oriented. Area information is in the Master Plan.

Onota Township has a rich history in producing lumber for buildings as well as charcoal manufacturing (for smelting iron ore). Early on, Scandinavians settled in the area to work and homestead. Read about the area history.