Deerton Cemetery

deerton cemetery
Cemetery in spring

The Deerton Cemetery dates back to 1903, when Victor Hongisto and Elias Johnson donated land to establish a cemetery. The township has expanded the cemetery over time, with the most recent addition in the past few years. The cemetery is located on the western side of the Deerton Road, across from Rook’s Lane.


Plots may be purchased by township residents and landowners when the expansion is complete. Please contact the clerk by phone (906-343-6535) or email ( for details if you are interested in purchasing a plot.

Plot size is a minimum of 38″ x 96″; one person is permitted to be buried per plot (exceptions may be allowed for infants or cremains, as per regulations). The name of the individual to be buried must be given at the time of purchase. Plots are non-transferable, but may be sold back to Onota Township for the purchase price. At least 36 hours advance notice is required for grave opening.

A list of grave names & locations Leave site is available off-site.


The cemetery is open from dawn to dusk. Grave decorations are permitted from May 1 – October 1, but must be removed after that time. A sexton (Terry Lane) is appointed for upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

Full regulations on cemetery use are found in the Onota Township Cemetery Ordinance .

Cemetery at dusk