Cheryl Lane is the Onota Township Treasurer. You may contact her by calling the township office to leave a message (906-343-6535) or sending an email ( Aside from being on the township board as an elected official, the treasurer is also responsible for property tax billing, distributing township funds, paying township bills, and managing the township finances (in cooperation with the clerk).

Note: The treasurer only takes care of taxes for the current year. All past due taxes [from previous years] are handled by the Alger County Treasurer .

Pre-payment of taxes: It is unlawful for the treasurer to accept any payment in advance for next year’s taxes. Michigan levies taxes only for the current year of collection. Treasurers are also restricted by bond to the active year of collection. Please do not send any tax payments in advance.

Property Taxes

Onota Township Treasurer
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How to pay

Taxes are collected twice each fiscal year. Property owners should receive their statements in the mail. Checks may be made payable to Onota Township. To receive a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your tax payment. If your mailing address has changed, it is important that you contact us to update it. Until the end of February, the present year taxes may be mailed to:

Onota Township Treasurer
PO Box 15
Deerton, MI 49822


Mailed at the beginning of July. Due by mid-September – please check your tax statement for an exact due date. One percent (1%) interest is added to the amount (before administrative fees) for each month the tax bill is past due – until the final day in February of the following year. At this point, the taxes are due to Alger County. All interest collected goes to the county.


Mailed by mid-December. Due by the end of February – please check your tax statement for an exact due date. No interest is added to winter taxes by the township; this only happens when the taxes are handed over to Alger County after the last day in February.

What if the due date has passed?

Your taxes are now due to Alger County . If you still have unpaid taxes past the final day of February, please send them to:

Alger County Treasurer
101 Court Street
Munising, MI 49862.

If you have questions, please contact the county treasurer at (906) 387-2076 ext. 8.

Personal Property Taxes

Businesses in Onota Township subject to personal property tax always deal with the Township Treasurer. These taxes (including all past years, if delinquent) may be sent to:

Onota Township Treasurer
PO Box 15
Deerton, MI 49822

Tax Forms